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Top 5 tips for looking after your cufflinks.

Hurrah, you just received your brand new cufflinks!  Like with everything new, you need to take care of them to keep them in tip top condition.  Here are our top 5 tips on how to look after your cufflinks whether they are either novelty cufflinks or classic cufflinks.

1 – Clean with a microfibre cloth

Our cufflinks are made to be really robust and last the test of time but a regular clean with a microfibre cloth will remove any oily fingerprints and give them a nice polish.  This will make them shine like new and really stand out on your cuff.


2- Don’t toss your cufflinks into a tin in your sock drawer.

This is the easiest way to scratch your cufflinks.  Everytime you rummage around in the tin, you links are banging around against eachother, so there is far greater chance of damaging them.  Best solution is to have a cufflinks storage box where you not only display them properly but also have them nestled in a soft tray or a seperate compartment.


3 – Keep them stored out of direct sunlight.

With anything, the sunlight can dull the colour of the enamel.  Make sure you keep your cufflinks storage box out of direct sunlight.  This will keep the colours bright and crisp for longer!


4 – Never leave cufflinks on your cuffs when you remove your shirt.

This is the number one reason for cufflinks getting broken, lost or damaged.  This is especially true if you throw your shirt on the floor so it can get trod on.  Leaving then on your cuff also makes them more likely to go through your washing machine which is never going to turn out well on the scratching and chipping front.  Make taking your cuffs off part of your routine.  If you have somewhere specific to store them, you are far more likely to remove them in the first place.


5 – Have a pair of pliers ready.

This last point shouldn’t ever really crop up but it’s a good tip if some of your cufflink footers are getting lose.  All you need to do is apply a bit of pressure on the cufflink footer to clamp it back in place and stop you losing the swivel part of your footer and Voila, no more lose footer!  You can do this with a set of pliers but make sure to cushion the cufflink in a soft material before using the pliers to ensure you don’t mark the cufflinks with the pliers teeth.